Monday, January 10, 2011

Montana energy related bills slated for hearing this week

The Montana Legislature is tackling a number of significant bills on energy matters during their first week of hearings:

  • HB 59: Monday at 3:00 pm in House FRET.  Also known as the great PPL giveaway, the bill would expand the Montana RPS to include new incremental hydro capacity.
  • HB 198: Wednesday at 3:00 pm in House FRET.  The bill would fix MATL's eminent domain problem, by granting a retroactive right for facilities that are permitted under the Montana Facilities Siting Act clear eminent domain power.  
  • SB 7: Thursday at 3:00 pm in Senate E&T.  The bill would require the price of RECs sold in Montana to be disclosed.
  • SB 109: Tuesday at 3:00 pm in Senate E&T.  Also known as the total and absolute PPL giveaway, the bill would add all existing non-federal hydro capacity as eligible resource for meeting the Montana RPS. 
  • SB 104: Thursday at 3:00 pm in Senate E&T. This bill would specifically prohibit a public utility from implementing inverted black rates.  In the spirit of the bill, I understand an amendment may be introduced to ban logic and math in utility rate design.  

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  1. Do you mean HB 59 in the first segment?